Three Perspectives on Ingiven by Noa Shavit

Noa Shavit’s solo performance, Ingiven, shows a silently screaming mouth move above a sinewy body to Nick Cave’s stirring lyric, “The tree don’t care what the little bird sings.” If Shavit is that little bird, are we the tree? How many little birds fly around us that we fail to hear?

There is a certain silence occupying the stage which somehow muffles her strength. In a downward dog position, Shavit’s head replaces her arms as an anchor; her feet act as a lone engine, pushing her entire body forward along the floor. I admire her strong spine, but am disturbed by her dragging lifeless arms.

Nick Cave chimes in, “We go down with the dew in the morning, And we breathe it in.”

And in her program notes, Shavit writes “A fine line between life and death.”


by Ana Harmon

Be in the pain
Be the pain
Explore the pain
Let it out
I know I did
Thank You Noa


by H.B.


* english follows

‎היא קוראת מבפנים
מגיבה לבחוץ
היא צועקת
מתוך הר געש
מתוך הציור של אדווארד מונק
והפעם זו צעקה של הגוף
מחאה של הילדה האבודה
הפנים נקרעות מעבר לגבול
לפעמים כה מפותל
לפעמים פעור לרווחה

מאת אלכס עודי

She calls from within

Responds to the outside

She shouts

From inside a volcano

From inside the painting by Edvard Munch

And this time it is a scream of the body

A protest of the lost girl

The face is torn beyond its limit

At times so twisted

At others wide open

By Alex Oudi


Noa Shavit presented Ingiven on December 3, 2018 at the Leo Model Hall as part of Machol Shalem Dance House’s Jerusalem International Dance Week.