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Olympic Fever and the Importance of Role Models Who Lose

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In life, be it in major moments like the Olympics or in small moments like school tests, college applications, job interview and beyond, we sometimes fail. We often fail even. And when we fail, a lot of times there isn’t anything we or anyone else can say that will make us feel better. There might not be another chance. The opportunity might be gone. And there is no path around that pain, only the hope to endure it.Read more

Auditions on Facebook- An Uncomfortable Trend

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Choreographers have always filmed auditions. Until recently, it was clear that this recordings were to be used for later reference and were private.

However, I have noticed that more and more choreographers are affording themselves the luxury of publishing audition videos online.Read more

ABANDONING “BEAUTY”: A Conversation with Roni Chadash

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In the past, I need the audience’s approval and affirmation more. There is a balance between pleasing myself and pleasing the audience and it has changed from process to process. I’m trying to learn how to fulfill my own desires and I believe that if I’m able to free myself to satisfy myself, it will also satisfy the audience.Read more

How I Went From Dancer to Tour Guide in One Creation by Ori Lenkinski

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On March 6, when The Suit took part of the Women Festival at the Holon Theater, I finished two performances, checked the box in my mind that I had completed the engagement and looked onwards to a month and a season full of shows and tours. Little did I, or anyone else, know that it would be my last meeting with an audience for a long while. So when I walked down the stairs of the Alliance House on September 9, onto the site-specific “stage” that would be the stomping ground for Meet Me in the Market, a performative tour of Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market inspired by Jackie Kennedy, the impact was amplified exponentially.Read more

How we misuse the words “I feel bad” and the dangers of good manners by Ori Lenkinski

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When I think about the many times in which I have said, “I felt bad so I…” I realize that we program girls and women to use these words in the exactly wrong way. We should never do anything because we “feel bad.” If you feel bad it means something off is happening. It means someone is asking you to do something that makes you uncomfortable. Instead of going along with it because you feel bad, a red flag should go blazing into our consciousness. “I feel bad” or “I feel uncomfortable” should be a clear sign to cut and run or, at least, to proceed with extreme caution.Read more

Acts of Agency by Ori Lenkinski

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The moments in my life in which I have made the best choices have been the ones in which some inner force pushed me, obliged me to take full use of my agency. Dropping out of college was one but there were others. Leaving a volatile relationship, moving cities, quitting endless bad jobs, those moments in which I felt uncomfortable enough to stop doing something and get up and walk away. It isn’t that I condone quitting but I do support knowing when something isn’t right and listening to that voice.Read more

Pursuing Freedom- Finding the Art in Martial Art

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It seems that in her path to healing, Blikman has not only found a way to mend the factions caused by her own trauma but to bring together two worlds, martial and performance art. “We say ‘martial art’ but in it there is art. Here, I really want to connect these two words. I want to find that connection, that freedom that art can bring to martial arts.”Read more

Dancing for the Damaged by Ana Harmon

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The word-filled weapons drawn at dancers from choreographers (and parents, educators, etc.) can leave lasting scars, and Oz’s work seems to offer us with a much needed antidote of self-realization, feminine power and prowess. A dancer would likely find Oz’s work therapeutic as she reclaims the space and fires back, also granting Licht that same opportunity, even though she is the ‘dancer’. Read more

It’s Because He Likes You: The Hidden Messages of Childhood

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Throughout my childhood, the other version of this conversation happened countless times in our household, following some incident at school that either myself or my sister had gone through. Our parents told us what so many parents tell their daughters. Someone hit you, pushed you, called you a name, dumped your desk, whatever, because they wanted to get your attention. Because they like you.Read more

The New Guard

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Since joining forces, Dagan and Marin have racked up an impressive list of engagements, ranging from performance invitations in Israel and abroad to commissions to being appointed co-Artistic Directors of the Intimadance Festival at Tmuna Theater. They are an example of friendship, true collaboration and a different, kinder, more devout and conscientious possibility for leadership in the dance world.Read more