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Acts of Agency by Ori Lenkinski

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The moments in my life in which I have made the best choices have been the ones in which some inner force pushed me, obliged me to take full use of my agency. Dropping out of college was one but there were others. Leaving a volatile relationship, moving cities, quitting endless bad jobs, those moments in which I felt uncomfortable enough to stop doing something and get up and walk away. It isn’t that I condone quitting but I do support knowing when something isn’t right and listening to that voice.Read more

Pursuing Freedom- Finding the Art in Martial Art

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It seems that in her path to healing, Blikman has not only found a way to mend the factions caused by her own trauma but to bring together two worlds, martial and performance art. “We say ‘martial art’ but in it there is art. Here, I really want to connect these two words. I want to find that connection, that freedom that art can bring to martial arts.”Read more

Dancing for the Damaged by Ana Harmon

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The word-filled weapons drawn at dancers from choreographers (and parents, educators, etc.) can leave lasting scars, and Oz’s work seems to offer us with a much needed antidote of self-realization, feminine power and prowess. A dancer would likely find Oz’s work therapeutic as she reclaims the space and fires back, also granting Licht that same opportunity, even though she is the ‘dancer’. Read more

It’s Because He Likes You: The Hidden Messages of Childhood

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Throughout my childhood, the other version of this conversation happened countless times in our household, following some incident at school that either myself or my sister had gone through. Our parents told us what so many parents tell their daughters. Someone hit you, pushed you, called you a name, dumped your desk, whatever, because they wanted to get your attention. Because they like you.Read more

The New Guard

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Since joining forces, Dagan and Marin have racked up an impressive list of engagements, ranging from performance invitations in Israel and abroad to commissions to being appointed co-Artistic Directors of the Intimadance Festival at Tmuna Theater. They are an example of friendship, true collaboration and a different, kinder, more devout and conscientious possibility for leadership in the dance world.Read more

The Point of Parenting by Ori Lenkinski

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I know the evolutionary, genealogical point of having kids. They succeed us, pass on our genes into a future we will not be present for. They are a creation. They ensure the survival of the human species. All that is true. But what is the point for us, without thinking of anyone else? What do we gain or hope to gain from it?Read more

Dinner- The Ultimate Daily Challenge by Ori Lenkinski

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I am involved in an ongoing internal research project about the factors that separate between a day in which setting a modest meal on the table between 5:30 and 6:15 feels possible, enjoyable even, and the days in which dinner makes me want to skyrocket myself off the balcony.Read more


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Together we will embark upon a new creative process that will include text, movement, personal and group expression. The sessions will include warm up, generation of movement, composition, personal feedback. The final meeting will be open to friends and family.Read more


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During the lockdown, choreographer, designer and visual artist Inbal Pinto sketched images of people wedged in their doorframes. While staying indoors, they had somehow grown too large to get through the openings and were thus trapped inside. When the lockdown ended, celebrated writer Etgar Keret published a story entitled Outside in which authorities have to force people out of their homes. Their time inside had made them fearful and reluctant to reenter public spaces.Read more

Parental PTSD by Ori Lenkinski

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Last week, I was planning on writing something about parental PTSD. I had run into a friend in the park whose son was struggling through phase-in in his first time in a nursery school situation. His mother told me, with tears in her eyes, that leaving him at school flashed her back to leaving him in the premature care ward in the hospital (we was born several weeks early).

I thought about all of the women I know who are carrying around some kind of traumatic baggage from their pregnancy, attempts to conceive, birth and afterwards.

And then my younger daughter broke her arm.Read more