Daphna Horenczyk on Project 48- Day 2

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I wonder- is it even possible to have an uncivilized conversation in this situation? Is the participation of the audience in this show a choreographic manipulation meant to distract the viewer or is it a build up to the directed, “uncivilized” conversation that follows? Read more

Yulia Frydin on Project 48- Day 2

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I realize that it’s going to be a very interesting evening
The lights are out and I am waiting excitedly to see
What the Project 48 people have concocted for us

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Morahn Bash on Project 48- Day 1

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Above all, there was that same loneliness that Agadati spoke of. The same inner grief that attacks when cracks of doubt and question marks begin to appear, the worry of not being understood,
and the loneliness that accompanies it.Read more