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PRE-FORMANCE PROJECT- קיץ 2020 סדנת פרפורמנס בת 10 מפגשים עם רייצ’ל ארדוס ואורי לנקינסקי מתי- ימי ג‘ 10:00-14:00 14.7-15.9 איפה- להקת פרסקו סטודיו שירה, תחנה מרכזית תל אביב למי זה מיועד- רקדנים מקצועיים ורקדנים שבדרכם להיות מקצועיים, מ18-118 מה זה כולל- בסדנה נצלול יחד לתהליך יצירה חדש שיכלול תנועה, טקסט, ביטוי אישי וקבוצתי. המפגשים יהיו מורכבים מחימוםRead more

Coronaparenting: My First Time Working in One Place by Ori Lenkinski

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In an instant, all those plans went out the window as we shut our doors and locked ourselves inside for the foreseeable future.

I went from being a freelancer, a choreographer, dancer, journalist, teacher, text consultant and a few other things to the director of a modest, mixed-aged home school.

And the strange thing that I am experiencing these days is relief.Read more

The Morning After Buzzkill: Kids and Costumes by Ori Lenkinski

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Last year, at the end of the weeklong celebration of Purim, my older daughter declared that she would like to dress up as a character from Disney’s Descendants next year. For the other days, Famous Day, Pajama Day, Countries Day, we made a plan a week in advance. We knew exactly what she wanted to dress up as on each day. The night before the first dress-up day, we tried on her Frida Kahlo costume (which was gorgeous I must admit). She looked at herself in the mirror, beaming.

The next morning, as she was going to get dressed she said,
“I don’t want to dress up.”Read more

My Lunch Break Dream by Valentina Gaia Lops

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This memory guides me to the very first dance studio I ever saw. It had a name: Sala Rossa. It was a bright red box of a room with golden barres and pictures of famous ballerinas hanging on the walls. All very anxiety-inducing for my likes. I’m surrounded by slim, beautiful girls walking like elegant cats, holding onto the barre for balance in ways that seem effortless to me.Read more

The Perception of Time in Dance and Parenting by Ori Lenkinski

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One of the things I love most about dance is the way it distorts my perception of time. On stage, time is stretched far beyond its usual limits. There is time for everything, for thinking, feeling, moving, connected, making decisions and renewal. A short piece can encapsulate an entire world if approached correctly. In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell writes of this phenomenon regarding athletes.
“The basketball superstar Larry Bird used to say at a critical moments in the game, the court would go quiet and the players would seem to be moving in slow motion.”Read more

Dear “Enter Achilles” (DV8) by Rachel Erdos

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I remember the way the chair felt and that feeling…. that feeling of seeing something that would change me. It was not just that the piece was excellent. It was that first-time sensation…. the first time when something on stage punched me in the guts…the first time I saw a show that depicted real people exploring everyday social issues not just making pretty shapes. I knew it was choreographed and practiced but, for me, it was happening in real time. It was everything that I could imagine and more. I was in high school and we were told to take notes but no notes could describe what I felt so my page was left empty.Read more

Dear Art of Breaking (FREE) by Olga German

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You are a dance style
with a name that sounds like destruction, but you only destroy obstacles and fears.
You are an art form contradicting limits and always inspiring to go for more.
I think I love you for many things. But I really appreciate that you always accept
me the way I am and push me to leave the comfort zone. Well, over the past 3 years,
that comfort zone never found me. And it is a gift.Read more