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Ana Harmon on Valley by Omer Backley-Astrachan

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‘Environmental dance,’ is a term used to describe movement which meditates on the human body’s relationship to landscape and the environment. Backley-Astrachan’s dancers personify icy archipelagos, an especially poignant depiction in light of what has been recently coined the ‘anthropocene,’ or the geological age during which human activity is the dominant influence on climate and the environment.Read more


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Dear Intimadance,   I started my process with a little research about Yoko Ono. More specifically, about John and Yoko and how they were perceived. (None of that research was at all relevant to the piece I presented and was most likely a massive waste of time.) In any case, the story goes that JohnRead more

Spring Forward: Kids by Kuan-Hsiang Liu

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Kids is a staged documentation of sorts of the death of Liu’s mother. Throughout the piece, recorded conversations between Liu and his late mother are played. These talks touch on her impending death, on memory and on family history. Like life, they don’t always follow a clear path.

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