Dear Art of Breaking (FREE) by Olga German

Dear Art of Breaking (FREE),

(that is often referred to as “breakdance” in media),

I am sure that there are millions of people all over the world feeling this crazy
about you. Well, maybe this letter can be a declaration on behalf of all those
I like movement in all its forms, but it is you that I heart. You are a dance style
with a name that sounds like destruction, but you only destroy obstacles and fears.
You are an art form contradicting limits and always inspiring to go for more.
I think I love you for many things. But I really appreciate that you always accept
me the way I am and push me to leave the comfort zone. Well, over the past 3 years,
that comfort zone never found me. And it is a gift.
You can be defined in different ways and described in even more. But I would
always take you as art. Born on the street, but belonging everywhere – from the
theater stage to that dopest breaking competition. I would always be in the first
row to support other dancers fighting for your love in battle and even sometimes
dare to battle myself. But my main battle is looking for ways to show your beauty
in theater and other arts. In such a way more of your sides can be demonstrated,
more colors illuminated, more people united. But most importantly I get to discover
(more about) myself.
I am grateful for meeting you in so many countries, in so many different forms,
seeing you in smiles and shining eyes of so many dancers. It doesn’t mean, I didn’t
miss you. I always do. But feeling you accompanying me in my journeys in most
poetic and unpredictable forms was the best sign to show that my feelings are
I am deeply sorry for not giving back enough. Not training enough, losing hope,
doubting, feeling defeated. But even there, in the darkest places of my fears and
sleepless nights full of anxiety, I know there is always hope, there is always
another day to try again. So I would wake up, go to that studio at Roehampton University,
take off my shoes. Yes, no shoes in ballerinas’ studio. So I would enter that studio
that rarely sees street styles and just let it go. I think what I tried is experimental,
but there is always the essence of your empowerment and breakthrough. In
breaking, being yourself is a victory. It is a battle for a better me and I am glad to
win. Or at least to enter a battle.
Some people say that breaking is about showing power tricks and acrobatics, but in
a way, all those creative strong moves are a part of your explosive nature. So
daring and challenging yourself is a must in breaking. Just let me try again and
again to get closer to the sky, to my dreams of flying. Breaking IS flying. Above the
ground and doubts.
I will never be able to thank you enough, but I can show it in small deeds – pushing
harder, raising the bar, finally getting that windmill, not going into dark places.

I think love is always there if it is real. That’s why I always feel the spirit of
strength, inspiration, and creativity. Let’s break free. Break through time. Let the
battle begin. With actions and rhymes.
Thank you for making me believe
That there is strength within to find
Through breaking free I can achieve
My dreams and leave the pain behind


Breaking free yours,
Olga BCN

I am a storyteller in movement. Every dance is a story to share. I believe that those stories can be told through different media and styles. My native styles are breaking, hip-hop and experimental. Though I am getting more and more interested in contact improvisation and contemporary. For me breaking is a ballet of hip hop culture for it denies limits and strives for ultimate expression. Hip hop is an art-form even before entering the stage, but in a theater there are more means and media to broadcast hip-hop’s
powerful message to wider audiences. That’s why hip hop theater is my main passion as a practitioner, documentarian and dance researcher. I am also interested in a combination of breaking and classical music. My biggest inspiration is “Flying Steps” (DE) experimenting with breaking and music by J.S. Bach.  My university project “Breaking Chopin” about the works of Frederic Chopin and breaking was presented by professor Stephanie Jordan (UK) at conferences in Rome and Warsaw.
 I have recently graduated with an MA in dance anthropology from Choreomundus, International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage, a fascinating 2-year journey of meeting dance through constant movement, different cultures, researching and preserving dance as an intangible cultural treasure.  I have a background in journalism, documentary filmmaking. My works are mainly aimed at illuminating dance art and my documentaries cover cultural and social topics like #Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine and 9N Independence Vote in Catalonia. I participated in different dance theater projects in Ukraine, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain.