Call for Applications: CW + Yasmeen Godder Company- Moving Communities Conference

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Creative Writing and Yasmeen Godder Company present a 3-day writing exploration led by Ori Lenkinski.


We invite writers and artists to apply to spend 3 days thinking, observing, discussing and writing about dance.Read more

Between Heaven, Earth and Family: Miki Marin about Or Marin

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There is no doubt in my mind that Or on stage and Or in real life are one. Her uncompromising truth, depth, research, attention to detail, complete commitment to the creation, that is her essence.Read more

Between Heaven, Earth and Family: Zevik Marin about Stav Marin

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Do you feel that Stav’s works reflect who she is in real life or in your eyes?

Her inner truth and her point of view are her creation. Her life is an uncompromising and ongoing creation.Read more

Between Heaven, Earth and Family: Tom Borkovsky on Annabelle Dvir

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The thing that most moves me is watching Annabelle reach a kind of peak- presenting work to an audience and the sense of release and ecstasy that come with the process. However, usually I’m not just a viewer rather the technical assistant.Read more

Between Heaven, Earth and Family: Tali Eviatar on Shira Eviatar

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As her sister, and specifically because of the issues Shira chooses to work with (roots, family, origins, etc.), I always feel a particular closeness, an intimacy with the subject of the work, maybe more than other audience members. I’m always really excited to see my little sister on stage- suddenly she’s huge, she creates something so big that touches so many people.Read more

Between Heaven, Earth and Family: Kamar (Kami) Godder on Yasmeen Godder

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To look again and to stop anticipating what will happen, or for a story to come together and instead to watch while trying to feel the experience and not always understand it. Read more

Between Heaven, Earth and Family- Ilene Bloch-Levy about Daniella Bloch

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Daniella’s creation is Nehara — from its initial concept, to its inception to its management, rehearsals,
performances and everything and anything that is involved. Daniella discussed
her initial idea with me, and frankly, I was nervous.Read more

Between Heaven, Earth and Family — בין שמיים, ארץ ומשפחה

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The first time I saw Eyal dancing in a performance was at the end of first year at Kol Atzmotai Tomarna School, and the truth is that it was a pretty tough experience… It was in a small and closed studio in which twelve men had been dancing all day… We sat in a circle around them and, for me, it was way too close and intimate. Since then, I’ve been to many shows. They’ve been moving, exciting, beautiful and something about that intimacy and closeness, about being on stage with the dancers, received new power and refinement for me.Read more

Between Heaven, Earth and Family

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On November 2, the 8th annual Between Heaven and Earth Festival will kick off in Jerusalem. This year’s theme is Intergenerational Transfer. In a very special collaboration between the festival’s director, Ronen Itzhaki, and Creative Writing, we reached out to family members of presenting choreographers. We gave them a short questionnaire and asked that they share their thoughts and feelings about accompanying the choreographer throughout their journey. In the coming days, we will post their answers here.Read more

Creative Writing + Machol Shalem- A writing exploration at Jerusalem International Dance Week

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We invite young writers and artists to apply to spend 5 days thinking, observing, discussing and writing about dance.
Moderator of Creative Writing : Ori Lenkinski  Read more