Lee Nahat Shalom on Day 3 Jerusalem International Dance Week

Lee Nahat Shalom is an actress, director and choreographer of physical theater and movement.Read more

Yuval Gal on monoLOG by Samuel Lefeuvre

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Am I going backwards?

Where do I live exactly?

The physicality presented in this creation is full of possibilities, possibilities for existence. Presents a gift regarding the possibilities to exist in this universe.

מה כבר בלעתי?
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Diti Ronen on Solo an Attempt by Ygal Tsur

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But the head runs straight to the wall, knocks the forehead,
scatches his wounds in its own mouth. Here he is, speaking his word.Read more

Lee Nahat Shalom on Nice to Beat You by Gil Kerer and Korina Fraiman

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A man and a woman. It’s even not odd. The stage is empty but I am at home.

They shake hands. There is an agreement. Partnership is a business that must be maintained out of desire.

Let the games begin.Read more

Yulia Frydin on FUEL by Bar Altaras and Ifat Netz

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How can one even write about body, movement, language.

To hold something intangible. Fluid. Present-

And in an instant it becomes something different more forceful than what was.Read more

Ana Harmon on Valley by Omer Backley-Astrachan

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‘Environmental dance,’ is a term used to describe movement which meditates on the human body’s relationship to landscape and the environment. Backley-Astrachan’s dancers personify icy archipelagos, an especially poignant depiction in light of what has been recently coined the ‘anthropocene,’ or the geological age during which human activity is the dominant influence on climate and the environment.Read more

Spring Forward: Kids by Kuan-Hsiang Liu

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Kids is a staged documentation of sorts of the death of Liu’s mother. Throughout the piece, recorded conversations between Liu and his late mother are played. These talks touch on her impending death, on memory and on family history. Like life, they don’t always follow a clear path.

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Spring Forward: Wayne McGregor’s Tree of Codes

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The audience, though illuminated, were in no way motivated to do anything. To participate in something, one must act. Here there was no action, only the clarification and emphasis on our inactivity.Read more

מחשבות על 2 מערכות לעיוור מאת רועי אסף – יוליה פריידין

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ובתוך כל האידיליה הזאת בה רקדנית נהפכת לציפור דרור
יפייפיה וענוגה
מתחיל מופע אחר לגמריי.

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Hey, can you hold this for a second?- Thoughts on Simple Action by Yasmeen Godder

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Maybe what we’re really asking of our audience is, hey, can you hold this for a second? Just as I often ask my husband to hold my bag when I run to the washroom or a friend to grab my jacket while I search for my wallet. Can you hold this?Read more