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Before hitting first grade, most kids don’t read and write, at least not proficiently, they haven’t been exposed to mathematics or science, they don’t study history. They aren’t even really familiar with athletics. Their options for expression lie in the territories covered by art. Through the arts they are able to experiment with emotion, color, context, subtext and even violence. It is their voice in the world.Read more

Parent City by Ori Lenkinski

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When I became a mother, I came from the life of a freelancer. Both my professions, dance and journalism, are incredibly flexible. I was in and out of my house every day, spent hours in the studio with people I found inspiring and traveled abroad often. I could pop my laptop open literally anywhere and shoot off articles to my editor without ever setting foot in the newspaper’s office.Read more

Performance Anxiety and Parenting by Ori Lenkinski

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For me, becoming a mother was like performing a show I had never rehearsed before. And it was a very public show. Everyone I knew saw it. My parents and sister flew in for the premiere. My in laws were there. Friends came out of the woodwork to see it. Complete strangers came and most of them had something to say about it afterwards. My partner was in the front row.  

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