Michal Toledano on Simple Action by Yasmeen Godder

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Simple action, she whispered
But the heart shouted
Simple action
One word
To agree
A small embrace
To receive
A smile
To give
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Michal Toledano on monoLOG by Samuel Lefeuvre

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Alone on the stage.

Smell of burning, a look in the eyes, limited movement almost in place.

A small correction, not alone in the least- a log is here too.

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Erez Kashi on Dualism by Ido Gidron

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    Dualism by Ido Gidron was presented as part of the 2017 International Choreography Competition hosted by Machol Shalem Dance House.    Erez Kashi is a Tel Aviv-based photographer.Read more

Lee Nahat Shalom on Black Velvet by Shamel Pitts and Mirelle Martins

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Hush now my late baby
Never to be back
Sometimes life is just-

Lee Nahat Shalom on Day 3 Jerusalem International Dance Week

Lee Nahat Shalom is an actress, director and choreographer of physical theater and movement.Read more

Yuval Gal on monoLOG by Samuel Lefeuvre

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Am I going backwards?

Where do I live exactly?

The physicality presented in this creation is full of possibilities, possibilities for existence. Presents a gift regarding the possibilities to exist in this universe.

מה כבר בלעתי?
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Diti Ronen on Solo an Attempt by Ygal Tsur

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But the head runs straight to the wall, knocks the forehead,
scatches his wounds in its own mouth. Here he is, speaking his word.Read more

Lee Nahat Shalom on Nice to Beat You by Gil Kerer and Korina Fraiman

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A man and a woman. It’s even not odd. The stage is empty but I am at home.

They shake hands. There is an agreement. Partnership is a business that must be maintained out of desire.

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Between Heaven, Earth and Family: Miki Marin about Or Marin

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There is no doubt in my mind that Or on stage and Or in real life are one. Her uncompromising truth, depth, research, attention to detail, complete commitment to the creation, that is her essence.Read more

Between Heaven, Earth and Family: Zevik Marin about Stav Marin

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Do you feel that Stav’s works reflect who she is in real life or in your eyes?

Her inner truth and her point of view are her creation. Her life is an uncompromising and ongoing creation.Read more