Feel (Write) the Love!- An Open Call for Love Letters

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If you were to write a letter to something or someone dance related, who would it be to? A performer who changed the way you saw life? A piece that rocked you to your core? A choreographer that inspired you to throw caution to the wind and pursue a career on stage?

Creative Writing invites you to take a moment to gush, dwell, fantasize and swoon over a particular something that tickled you pink. Sit down, write them a love letter. We want to publish it! Let’s get lovey.Read more

The Physical Intimacy of Siblings by Ori Lenkinski

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When I look at my two children huddled together over a book, squished together under a blanket or climbing one over the other to reach a toy, I think of that physical intimacy. I remember the same kind of informal yet deeply familiar contact throughout my childhood with my sister.

The little one places her hand on the big one’s leg without even noticing she’s doing it. The touch is so natural to them both, it goes completely unnoted. That physical connection is one of the most comforting and delightful parts of childhood and, as such, of life.Read more

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                                                                                     Read more

A True Mirror: Recognizing My Hard-Fought Flaws in My Child by Ori Lenkinski

Before I had them, I imagined that I would pass on my best qualities to my kids; my love of music, my posture, my stubbornness. I didn’t stop to think about the less wonderful or problematic parts of myself that I would pass on.Read more

Yoav Barel on Inspiration, Intimadance and Ahuva Ozeri

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I discovered the album “Ringing of Bells” by Ahuva Ozeri in a music store in the Malcha Mall fifteen years ago. The first listens flooded me with inspiration the intensity of which I had not experienced at that point. Two things were clear- the first that this was the material from which the subconscious is made, the second that one day this music would be the inspiration for an homage to Ahuva. Read more

On the Connection Between Pointe Shoes and Breastfeeding

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Both pointe shoes and breastfeeding were passing moments in my life. The first because I eventually realized that ballet wasn’t my future and the second because the need for it waned. But I look back at both and remember that we are often stronger than we think and can handle more than we believe, that pain doesn’t always mean you’re doing something wrong and that the lessons learned by the body stay with us for life.Read more

When Love Walked Out by Ori Lenkinski

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I don’t go out dancing anymore.
I used to.
There was a period when I was out dancing pretty often.
Nowadays I may find myself on a dancefloor here or there for a few minutes, at a wedding, at a festival, if the spirit truly moves me. But I don’t go out to dance.
There’s that joy, when you’re out dancing, of hearing a song that you like, singing along, seeing others belting out and watching that song charge the bodies around you.Read more

M.E.S.S. – יוליה פריידין מגיבה לשלומית פונדמינסקי

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בְּאוּלָם חָשׁוּךְ נִמְצָא חֲדַר חֲקִירוֹת לָבָןבּוֹ גֶּבֶר בִּלְבוּשׁ שָׁחֹרקוֹרֵס לְתוֹךְ עֹל שִׁכְמוֹתָיוהַזְּקוּפוֹת.בּוֹחֵן.אוֹתָנוּRead more

L’avenir: The Secret Domain of Dancers

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The choreographer lives in the “future”, plans the performance, maps out the score, imparts it to their colleagues while the dancer exists in “l’avenir”. The dancer’s true potential, personality, artistry and will come to fruition in “l’avenir”, in the unknowable future. It cannot be rehearsed, foreseen, controlled. It is the chemical reorganization of atoms that occurs to a performer when met with an audience that propels the dancer into this mystifying state of what is to come.Read more

AI: The Future of Dance?

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It is true that technology is engulfing our lives and, in many ways, for the better. Our day-to-day is made more efficient and more comfortable by digital advancements. However, the creation of dance is something that, in my opinion, needs no tech bolstering or interventions.Read more