Tragedy of Being – יוליה פריידין מגיבה לענת גרגוריו

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אתחיל בזה שענת גריגוריו לא צריכה לעשות הרבה כדי להרשים. מספיק להסתכל עליה עומדת על הבמה מחזיקה ביציבות יתרה את גופה הבנוי שרירים-שרירים נקבים-נקבים. היא נקבה אלפא.  הרבה לפניי שפצתה את פיה במונולוג רצחני- יש כבר תחושת .WOW היא עוצמתית. בעלת ביטחון עצמי. נוכחות בימתית חזקה. כריזמטית. מצחיקה. מהפנטת. דרמטית. בועטת. כואבת. אמיתית. וגם מזוייפת.Read more

Call for Applications: CW + Dance in the Exhibition- A Writing Exploration in collaboration with Israel Museum

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*עברית בהמשך Why do dance performances happen in museums? What do they contribute to the space and how does the gallery environment contribute to the viewer experience of dance works? It is with great excitement that we open the Call for Applications to the Creative Writing + Dance in the Exhibition- A Writing Exploration inRead more

יוליה פריידין על פרויקט 48 – סבב ראשון

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ההופעה של הסבב הראשון של פרויקט 48 התקיים ב11.10. היוצרים התבקשו להתייחס לסרטון הזה בעבודות שלהם:   This מֵאֵת מִיכָאֵל גטמן שָׁלוֹשׁ נְקֻדּוֹת בַּחֲלַל יוֹצְרוֹת קַו אֲלַכְסוֹנִי מִלָּה-רוֹדֶפֶת-תְּנוּעָה-רוֹדֶפֶת- מִלָּה-רוֹדֶפֶת-תְּנוּעָה. הַאִם זֶה- …זֶה? לֶגוֹ צוּרָנִי וּתְנוּעָתִי מַרְכִּיב מִשְׁפָּט מְפֹרָק. מִגְזְרוֹת נְיָר גּוּפָנִיּוֹת לֹא מְעֻנְיָנוֹת בָּאוֹרְגָּנִיּוֹת. לָהֶן יֵשׁ אִידֵאָה. אִידֵאַל יֹפִי מֻחְלָט וְסָגוּר. תְּדַפְדְּפוּ בפליפ בּוּק שֶׁל מַרְס-Read more

An overarching theme of violence: Jan Fabre and abuse

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Six years ago, while participating in Jardin d’Europe’s Critical Endeavor at Impulstanz-Vienna  International Dance Festival, I watched Jan Fabre’s Preparatio Mortis. The performance, a solo made by Fabre for Annabelle Chambon, made a lasting impression on me. In fact, of the hundreds of dance works I have seen in the past decade, it is amongRead more

Libby Lenkinski on Gaga, Human Rights and Gaga for Human Rights

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I’m slowing down. I’m starting to catch my breath. I wipe a bead of sweat from my forehead, while still jogging lightly in place and tapping my chest. Ohad Naharin, the Artistic Director of Bat Sheva Dance Company is standing on a platform in the middle of a warehouse in Tel Aviv. Read more

Lee Nahat Shalom on And My Heart Almost Stood Still by Ari Teperberg

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When the end catches you by the throat
In utter darkness
Choking a tear
Buttons come undone on a shirt and the heart bursts out- pounding and beating.Read more

3 Quotes from 3 Simultaneous Workshops- Captured by Lee Nahat Shalom

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“…I suddenly understood that my whole life I was busy with looking out- as if I had only looked at the display window. Today, in order to see, I close my eyes and look inwards…”

“… When the doctor offered me a pill to make the shaking stop, I said ‘why? It’s a good thing to laugh about’…”
Read more

Lee Nahat Shalom on Dance for PD with David Leventhal

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The hand is discovered. 
Exhale and inhaling, 
The hand is a brush painting around me
Lines, dots, smears.
The common space became a huge canvas that began as white and turned crowded with layer upon layer of color. Read more

A Conversation with Ohad Naharin about Kamuyot, Venezuela, Gaga and more

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Why did I call it Venezuela? Actually, I have two stories. I’ll tell you the first one, which is that when I wanted to give the work a name, I took a globe and I rolled it, I closed my eyes and put my finger down. And when I opened my eyes, it was Venezuela. That’s a good story. But that’s not the reason. I made it up. Read more

Diti Ronen on Dualism by Ido Gidron

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A ray of light passes between The two.

Presses side to side, head to head, body to body.

In the illusion of gender the struggle becomes clear, what is between her

And him? Between him and her? Between her and her?Read more