Lee Nahat Shalom on And My Heart Almost Stood Still by Ari Teperberg

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When the end catches you by the throat
In utter darkness
Choking a tear
Buttons come undone on a shirt and the heart bursts out- pounding and beating.Read more

3 Quotes from 3 Simultaneous Workshops- Captured by Lee Nahat Shalom

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“…I suddenly understood that my whole life I was busy with looking out- as if I had only looked at the display window. Today, in order to see, I close my eyes and look inwards…”

“… When the doctor offered me a pill to make the shaking stop, I said ‘why? It’s a good thing to laugh about’…”
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Lee Nahat Shalom on Dance for PD with David Leventhal

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The hand is discovered. 
Exhale and inhaling, 
The hand is a brush painting around me
Lines, dots, smears.
The common space became a huge canvas that began as white and turned crowded with layer upon layer of color. Read more