Yuval Gal on monoLOG by Samuel Lefeuvre

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Am I going backwards?

Where do I live exactly?

The physicality presented in this creation is full of possibilities, possibilities for existence. Presents a gift regarding the possibilities to exist in this universe.

מה כבר בלעתי?
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Diti Ronen on Solo an Attempt by Ygal Tsur

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But the head runs straight to the wall, knocks the forehead,
scatches his wounds in its own mouth. Here he is, speaking his word.Read more

Lee Nahat Shalom on Nice to Beat You by Gil Kerer and Korina Fraiman

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A man and a woman. It’s even not odd. The stage is empty but I am at home.

They shake hands. There is an agreement. Partnership is a business that must be maintained out of desire.

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