A Love Letter to Balloons by Becca Loevy

Photo by Wall Boat via Flickr



Dear Balloons,

From the tenderness of your growth, sparked a desire for me to lasso you in my hands. You
sparked an inflated,
version of me that longed to float on clouds and wind.
You sported an exterior that wasn’t afraid to disappear. With impermanent wings you flew until
the atmosphere took your breath away.

You take my breath away.

Dear Balloons,

with your dancing spirit,
with your incredible ability to go with the flow,
thank you for showing me
the excitement of letting go
for letting me hold on
when things got unsteady
for letting me run with you
even after you wilted and began to bounce behind me
kicking up a dusty applause
for all things childish.

Dear Balloons,

thank you for reminding me
to stay plenty empty
available for space
and new possibilities.

You taught me that with tenderness, a violent pop is always possible. You taught me to leak fear
and treasure the healthy detachment of love.
You taught me to bounce and play with all the elements.
To you, balloons, for your innate dancing souls.
Thank you for reminding the children in us all,
to float with true abandon. And allow ourselves to be anchored to a world that, albeit confusing
and treacherous and lonely and forsaken, has so much to share with us and so much to enjoy
from our simple presence.

Becca Loevy



Becca Loevy is a freelance writer and dancer based out of Colorado Springs. Her writing is deeply influenced by travels through Asia and Europe, her career as a dancer and choreographer, and her relationship to meditation and the elements. Her most recent writing publication was for Relax Melodies, a phone application for audio bedtime stories to help with sleep and anxiety. Loevy owns and manages innerchildtravel.com, a blog based on her physical and spiritual journeys.