Does Finance Impact the Dances We Make? Thoughts on Curtain 2 by Ori Lenkinski

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It stands to reason that, when observing artistic works, in this case dance works, we should consider the financial stakes at hand in their creation. Whereas one artist can create something that will provide food and rent for tens of families, another will make a work that will put them in debt. Is the financial gain a factor in the work that is made?

Are artists creating small-scale work with little to no financial gain to be had actually freer to say what they want than the big dogs?Read more

Technique vs. Technicity by Ori Lenkinski

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Technicity is when a person can so fully embody their technique that they move through it, beyond it. Technicity is a catch 22 of sorts. In order to let go of technique, you need to first have it and that takes time and hard work. Then, once you have it, it’s very hard to let go of those hard-won abilities. But, the dancers I most admire are those who can do just that, leave technique behind and move forward, literally and figuratively.Read more