Diti Ronen on Dualism by Ido Gidron

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A ray of light passes between The two.

Presses side to side, head to head, body to body.

In the illusion of gender the struggle becomes clear, what is between her

And him? Between him and her? Between her and her?Read more

Erez Kashi on The Jewish Connection Project by Ido Batash and Lisi Estaras

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                  The Jewish Connection Project by Ido Batash and Lisi Estaras was presented on December 5 as part of Machol Shalem Dance House‘s Jerusalem International Dance Week.    Erez Kashi is a Tel Aviv-based photographer.Read more

Erez Kashi on E-Sheket/116 Reasons by Maayan Liebman-Sharon and Yaara Nirel

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                  Maayan Liebman-Sharon and Yaara Nirel presented E-Sheket/116 Reasons as part of Machol Shalem Dance House‘s Jerusalem International Dance Week on December 4.    Erez Kashi is a Tel-Aviv based photographer.Read more

Call for Applications: CW + Yasmeen Godder Company- Moving Communities Conference

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Creative Writing and Yasmeen Godder Company present a 3-day writing exploration led by Ori Lenkinski.


We invite writers and artists to apply to spend 3 days thinking, observing, discussing and writing about dance.Read more

Erez Kashi captures Black Velvet by Shamel Pitts and Mirelle Martins

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Erez Kashi captures Shamel Pitts and Mirelle Martins in Black Velvet.Read more

Diti Ronen on Simple Action by Yasmeen Godder

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How simple it is to release

The foreheard the eyebrows the temples

The neck the crown

The mouth the jaws.Read more

Diti Ronen on A Bolero by Didier Theron

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Ravel’s triangle is uneven.
It moves from side to side 
Then forwards and back, reorganizing the space.Read more

Yuval Gal on I See Red by Sahar Azimi

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I see red, I see blue
I understand nude.
Cope and I will too.
Read more

Yuval Gal on Birdy by Lai Hung-Chung

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This couple from Taiwan are incredible. A (certain) technique that is truly grand. I don’t discount it for even a second. I understand the significance of this physicality. It must be said that technique is important, there is nothing like it, it protects the dancer from countless things, moves the dancer and the observer. Technique comes into my body when I use it, sometimes it can become my language, which is not a bad thing. It is something I am aware of. But sometimes it sneaks in like heavy sleep on a long train ride. Read more

Diti Ronen on Cut.Loose by Neta Weiner and Stav Marin

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דיתי רונן על חיתוך.דיבור מאת סתיו מרין ונטע וינר מִי אוֹחֵז בְּצַוָּארוֹ שֶׁל מִי מִי חוֹנֵק אֶת מִי מִי סוֹתֵם אֶת פִּיו שֶׁל מִי מִי מְקָּרְבֵּן אֶת שֵׂה הָאִשָּׁה. סַכִּינִים נִזְרָקִים לָרִצְפָּה מִי פָּגַע בְּמִי פָּגַע בִּי בָּךְ בְּךָ קָהָל עַל שְׂפַת הַמִּזְרוֹן הַצָּהֹב מַתְחִיל קְרַב מַגָּע. הָאָקוֹרְדְּיוֹן הַהוֹדִּי נוֹהֵם אֶת עַרְפֶל הַזּוּגִיּוֹת. בּוֹא כְּמוֹRead more